First 'Roseanne' Promo Makes Fun of Dan's Return

But didn't Dan pass away when the show originally ended?

December 28, 2017

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Yes, John Goodman's character, Dan, was killed off when Roseanne ended in May of 1997. But through the magic of TV, Dan will be back in the Roseanne revival that debuts in March. In case you forgot how the series ended over twenty years ago, you can watch the clip below.

When rumors began going around that ABC was thinking of bringing the show back people were wondering what would happen to Dan. Once we learned that the entire original cast was coming back it was also revealed that John Goodman's character would also be back. So... are we just going to erase the fact that he died? Or is it going to be his ghost?

Check out the first promo for the revival below.

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey confirmed that "Dan is still alive" in a recent interview. It will be interesting to see how exactly they handle his comeback. The show debuts on ABC on March 27th!