UPDATE: Former Bachelor Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Accident

April 25, 2017

UPDATE: Chris Soules is facing the possibility of Vehicular Manslaughter charges pending the data from his cell phone. It seems that Chris Soules may have been taking photos of the sunset to post on his Twitter and Instagram which are both now deleted.  Find out more from TMZ here

It seems Chris Soules, former star of ABC's The Bachelor, could be in some serious trouble. He was just arrested earlier this morning after being involved in a deadly car accident. He was a contestant on The Bachelorette before moving on to find love on season 19 of ABC's reality dating series. He ended up getting engaged to Whitney Bischoff, but the couple ended up calling off their engagement. 

TMZ is reporting that Soules is currently in custody after rear-ending a truck and making it spin into a ditch. The driver died in the accident and Soules fled the scene. Eek! It's one thing to be involved in a deadly accident, but when you also flee the scene... well nothing good can come from that. 

The incident happened last night in Iowa.