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Funky Tuxes Prom Pic Goes Viral

April 28, 2017

Prom was such a huge deal back in high school. Wow, I just realized that I went to my senior prom twenty years ago this May. Now that I officially feel old let's reminisce a bit about the special night. 

I went with a friend named Dale who permed his hair to try and look like Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of Busch and ex-husband of Gwen Stefani. I wore I light purple floor length dress with sequence around the top part, and he wore the typical black and white tuxedo with coordinating light purple tie. But that was back in 1997, and people didn't do anything too wild and crazy. 

Now kids are going all out for their proms, but not in the way we all once did. Apparently, the traditional black and white tux are out, and one that looks like the American flag is in. And so is a camo print one. Check out the prom photo below. 

Here's a better look at all the different funky tuxedos this group of boys wore. I am defintiely partial to the animal print one. 

The boys from Mississppi said they did it to stand out, but didn't imagine it would get this much attention on social media.