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George Clooney is the Best Gift Giver Ever

It pays to be friends with George, literally.

December 14, 2017

George Clooney is in the news not once, but twice this week for his random generosity. 

George and his wife Amal are humanitarians, political activists, and philanthropists. They are constantly making large donations to organizations like UNICEF, Make Poverty History, and even have multiple charities of their own. But George's generosity also extends to random people and friends along the way too.

George, Amal, and their twins were on a British Airways flight recently and gave out this note and a gift for the people sitting around them.

How awesome is that? But George's giving goes a lot further and he digs deeperr into his pockets to give to friends. The latest news about George's genorosity involves 14 of his friends receiving large cash gifts from the actor. According to Rande Gerber, George once gave out suitcases full of $1 million to he and 13 other friends at a dinner party. Holy cow!