Gift Ideas for the Pampered Pooch in Your Life

December 14, 2018

© Tatyana Gladskikh | Dreamstime

Our pets are more spoiled than ever. And if you don't believe me, check out this statistic about how much people spend on their pets vs. their spouse/partners. 

95% of Americans admit to buying their pets Christmas presents. That's a lot. 56% of people will spend more on their pets than the person they are in a relationship with or any family member. Technically, pets are family members in my eyes, so I get it. 

I tend to buy my cats a big stocking full of toys and distribute them throughout the year. But cats seem to prefer things that are free like empty bags and cardboard boxes so that's why I don't spend a lot on them. 

Dog owners, on the other hand, they drop some serious cash on Fido. If you're looking for something super special for your fur baby this year, here are some stand out gift ideas. 

1. A doggy subscription box: Barkbox is just one of the many monthly boxes that comes chock full of treats and toys for your dog. It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

2. Cashmere doggy sweater: Because who doesn't love cashmere!

3. Dog treat puzzle: This gives your pooch hours of entertainment and even rewards them with treats.

4. Doggie Outwear: Because our dogs need to be protected from the elements too!

5. Pet massager to help manage stress and anxiety: 

Pets can be just like our children and especially if you don't have kids. So spoil them away this Holiday season! They will thank you ten-fold with all the love and kisses.