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Google To Provide Restaurant Wait Times

Where has this been all of our lives?

November 8, 2017

It's a Friday or Saturday night, and you and that special someone or friends decide to hit the town for dinner and drinks. Eek! It could prove to be quite a challenge because some restaurants require reservations or will have super long wait times. 

Sure, I suppose you can call the restaurant you're thinking of going to and ask about how long the wait is for a table. But let's be honest, we don't want to talk to someone on the phone. And now thanks to Google you won't have to anymore. 

And in Charlotte, there are so many amazing new restaurants you're probably dying to try, but again it could be impossible to get in on such short notice.

If you google a restaurant it will display their information included address, website, phone number, busy times including wait times. Seriously, this is such a perfecrt idea.

The feature isn't avilable just yet, but Google insists it's coming soon.