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Have You Been a Sidebarring Victim on a Date?

This term can apply to far more than just dating!

December 12, 2017

If you are single and trying to meet someone in 2017 you know how crappy the modern dating world can be. People, for the most part, are meeting potential romantic partners online or on one of the many dating APPs. The use of technology alone to find someone worthy of spending your time with is frustrating enough. 

But add in all of these off-putting dating behaviors like ghosting, breadcrumbing, and submarining and it's so much worse. I tried the online dating thing earlier this year and failed. It was so bad that I contemplating just adding more cats to my family. I already have two, by the way. It would have been easier than dealing with the douchebaggery that I was meeting on all of these dating APPs. Luckily for me, after a few month hiatus, I made a return to one dating APP and met someone incredible. 

If being ghosted isn't bad enough, now you may experience sidebarring on your next first date. This new dating phenomenon is when everything is going super well. The conversation is flowing, and there seems to be chemistry and then bam, it happens. The person you are out with picks up their phone to glance at it and is immediately distracted. The person becomes some fixated on their phone that all the positive feelings you had about them and how the date was going fade away. 

I've seen many articles about sidebarring being a term used exclusively in the dating World, but come on; it happens everywhere we go. Think of all of the social situations where someone starts ignoring you mid-conversation and screwing around on their phone. 

It's probably happened to you at work or during some sort of meeting. You are talking and someone starts messing with their phone. 

Maybe we should all practice better phone etiquette in 2018! Where do you think people should put away their phones?