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Here's How Much Time You Spend Looking at Screens in a Lifetime

January 17, 2019

We spend a lot of time with our faces in our phones. Instead of being present for the life that's going on in front of us, many people are too focused on their online social media lives. 

Apple's recent update to their iOS for iPhone included a screen time feature so users can track how much time they spend looking at their phones and which APPs are taking the majority of their attention. It even gives parents the ability to limit their children's overall screen time and use of certain APPs too. 

According to a new study, adults spend 6 hours, 43 minutes looking at screens each day! Now, that isn't just the screen time you are getting looking at your phones. This figure includes computers, tablets, etc that you may be using for work or pleasure. What's more shocking about this figure? It equals about 42% of the time we are awake per day. 

If you add it all up, we spend about 22 years of our lives looking at screens!!

You can cut back your screen time by setting limits after work hours and being more present at the moment.