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High Tech Fork Cancels Out Soup Slurping Noise

October 25, 2017

It's mornings like today that remind us that colder weather is coming and will be sticking around for awhile. When the temperature drops I love soup and more specifically ramen or Vietnamese Pho. And by Ramen, I don't mean the stuff you ate in college when you were broke as a joke. 

There are quite a few amazing places for ramen in Charlotte. My personal favorite is CO, which is an Asian fusion restaurant in the Park Road shopping center and the Waverly Shopping Center. That's their pork belly ramen which is divine.

Ramen-ber we close at 5pm today.

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But eating ramen is something you need to do with the right person. The same goes for pasta. There's really nothing more digusting that a person who slurps and eats like a damn animal. It can be off putting and unappetizing. 

Well if your spouse is one of those people and you still want to eat ramen with them there's a new product to help diffuse all the slurping sounds. 

While $130 is a lot of money for a special fork, it could help save you in the event you married a serial slurper.