Hitting the Snooze Button is a really Bad Habit

December 3, 2018

© Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime.com

It's that time of year that people tend to evaluate things they do that may not be good for them or beneficial to them. This is how New Year's resolutions are made!

If hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock... wait do people still even have those? Let me rephrase! If you're hitting the snooze on your phone when your alarm goes off, and you're one of those people that just hits it over and over again, you may want to stop that in the New Year. 

According to a new study, hitting the snooze button just equals you wasting 9 minutes of your life at a time. Honestly, if you were dead asleep and the alarm went off, what kind of sleep can you get in 9 minutes? To me, it just seems like a tease. 

The study found that the average person hits the snooze button four times a morning. If you do the math, that's 36 minutes of wasted time per morning. If you look at the bigger picture, that ends up becoming six days a year!! 

I have stayed at friend's houses who snooze for 2 hours. If you have all of that extra time to sleep, why not just set the alarm for a later time? Seems simple to me.