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Hoodie Uses Technology to Calm & Relax You

Feeling stressed? This article of clothing may help.

November 7, 2017

Are you an anxious or stressed out person? It can be hard to get it under control especially when outside influences seem to be making things worse. 

There are APPs to help stop anxiety attacks and allow us to meditate to get into a better mental space. Some people believe in using essential oils to calm them down a bit. And other people have a higher level of anxiety and require some medication to help them get through these hard times.

And today my boyfriend sent me a link to a piece of clothing that can help the overstressed, over thinking, and overly anxious people find some serenity. It's a hoodie, and it's quite amazing. The hoodie itself has been out for over a year, but this is the first that I heard about it. 

The company that created it calls this hoodie the Vollebak and it comes in Baker-Miller Pink. It was even featured on Jimmy Kimmel's show with his interview with John Glasser. 

The website describes it as "Engineered to chill you out, the Baker-Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie is the world’s most relaxing piece of technical clothing. It uses color, sound and body position to help you rest and recover more effectively. Whether your mind is racing the night before an event, you’re ready to collapse with exhaustion on the plane home, or you want to shut the world out to get some focus, the hoodie is designed to help you."

It's not cheap at all, and it's priced at $285. But if you suffer from stress and lots of anxiety, it could be worth it for you.