You May Never Use a Hotel Hair Dryer Again

Germaphobes you've been warned!

August 9, 2018

© Lookwaii | Dreamstime

I love to travel, but packing my suitcase is always a huge production. I am one of those people that over packs. But what if I need some athletic wear at a wedding? I mean you never know. Panic always sets in for me at the airport when they throw my bag on the scale. I cannot even tell you how many times I've paid the $50 fee for it being over weight. Or is the fee $75? 

I never bring my hair dryer because I know the hotel will have one. But after reading this new study on bacteria in hotel rooms, I think I'll be sure to bring my next trip. A survey carried out by Microbiologist Chuck Gerba, who is an expert in germs, found that a hotel hair dryer should be avoided if you can.

"There must be some things you can do with a hair dryer that I am not aware of because some of them were pretty germy," Gerba said. Gerba tested hotel rooms that ranged in price from $98 to $500 per-night and found the hair dryer to be germier than the toilet. Ick. 

I guess it makes sense. Lots of people use it and I think house cleaning just pick it up throw it back in the little bag it's stored in and put it in the bathroom.