How Many Calories Are Consumed On Big Game Sunday?

Bring on the wings!

February 1, 2019

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There are so many reasons why the Monday after the BIG GAME needs to be a national holiday. Let's be honest; most people consume a good amount of alcohol this Sunday. Aside from the drinking, celebrating, and staying up late people consume mass quantities of food on this very special football Sunday.

Even if your team isn't in the Sunday's game, you're likely to overindulge in both food and alcohol. 

While Thanksgiving may be the biggest food holiday in the United States, this Sunday comes in a very close second!! In fact, "the average American will, reportedly, ingest at least 2,400 calories during the four to five-hour viewing party." That far exceeds most people's daily caloric intake.

I mean how can you say no to this food stadium?

Here are some stats on the expected intake of food from last year's game.

And here are some other stats for you.

1. 11.2 million pounds of chips will be consumed!

2. 69.9 million pounds of avocados are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday!

3. 12 tons of Ultimate Nachos are eaten.

4. Antacid sales increase by 20% the day after the Big Game!

5. Toilet usage goes up by about 13% during the time the game is on.

6. And my favorite stat, 13 million pounds of poo gets flushed during the Game.

Again, can we just please make the Monday after the BIG GAME a national Holiday already?