How Many Partners Is Too Many?

Eek! Where do you fall?

January 19, 2018

© Bowie15 | Dreamstime

I never understood why anyone would want to know the number of people you've slept with in the past. Nothing good can come from that conversation. You either look like a bug prude or your number is higher than they thought and you seem promiscuous. Some things should be left unsaid, and that includes your number of partners. 

While browsing around on the websites, I visit I found an article about the average number of sexual partners people have and I was a bit taken back. I thought for sure that number would be much higher. After all, people are a lot more sexually open, and casual sex is more accepted now. 

What do you think the magic number is for men and women? 

Men on average have had six partners and women have had seven. Single digits, really?!?!? But there was more information in the article that I think explains why these averages are so low. 

The study found that 13% of men have downplayed their number compared to women at 18%. On the flip side, 17 % of men and only 8% of women have exaggerated their number. So perhaps this is why that average is so low? Everyone taking the survey lied to make themselves seem more sexually conservative? 

Again, there's no reason your new boyfriend or girlfriend needs to know your number.