How Many Secrets Does The Average Person Keep?

We all have skeletons in our closet!

January 24, 2019

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I think we all have those secrets that we plan to take to the grave with us. They may be our own personal secrets, family secrets, or something your best friend told you that you can never speak of again. 

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology actually has come up with a magic number of secrets nearly everyone is keeping. The magic number is 13. And although all 13 secrets aren't 100% unconfessed, the average person is living with 5 secrets that NO ONE knows!

What are some of the common types of secrets kept? Finances, secret jobs, hobby, hidden relationships, sexual desires, cheating, stealing, addiction, etc. 

We can break it down even further. 60% of people have a secret about a lie they told or some sort of financial situation. 33% of people keep a secret about being miserable at their job, a hidden relationship, or stealing something. 

Keeping all of these deep, dark secrets can start to take a toll on us. Read about the burden of keeping secrets here