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How Much Are These Torn, Dirty Designer Sneakers?


May 10, 2017

I am definitely starting to notice a weird fashion trend. Over the last few weeks, I have written quite a few stories about ridiculous designer items that were tattered, ugly, or faux mud covered that were being sold for thousands of dollars. Has society really become dazed sheep that will just buy something because it has a designer label on it?

Before we talk about the sneakers that Neiman Marcus is selling, we have to look at some of the other mindblowing items that have gone viral recently that I wrote about like the Balenciaga bag that looks just like one of those blue Ikea bags. 

Ridiculous right? And it costs over $2k! 

And what about those faux mud covered jeans that Nordstrom was selling for $425? What the hell was that about?

I'll grab the hose, make a nice puddle, and you can roll around in my yard for $100! Sounds like a deal right. 

And now onto today's what the hell fashion item that has gone viral on the interwebs. Needless Markup (nickname for Neiman Marcus) is selling these ridiculous sneakers that straight up look like they came out of a dumpster. 

In case you missed that small detail, those ugly sneakers will cost you $1425! Who in their right mind would buy these? Again, I am further convinced that the people in the fashion industry are just screwing with us to see how ridiculous they can make us look and how much money we will spend for these ugly items.