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How Much Does the Average Couple Fight Per Month?

June 20, 2018

Arguments are entirely normal in relationships. And that includes all relationships such as professional, family, and romantic ones. 

A new study just came out about how much the average couple argues. Mattress clarity researched to figure out the states with the couples that argue the most leading to one person having to spend the night on the couch. 

Before I break down how couples in North and South Carolina did, I will give you the average. The magic number is 19 times a month. If you do the math and assume these arguments are clocked in per day, that means we are spending more days arguing than not. 

Again, the average is 19 per month. North Carolina Couples aim much higher with 26 per month and South Carolina Couples fighting 21 times a month. Still, both of the Carolinas are above the national average.

What are some of the most popular things couples argue over in general?

1. Sex

2. Money

3. Parenting

You can see seven other everyday things we coupled up people tend to get into spats over here.

And remember to really watch what you say! Those words that come out of your mouth in the heat of the moment can impact the health of your relationship forever. The tongue and words are both very dangerous weapons.

I by no means am an expert or a sex/marriage therapist, but I feel like kicking someone out of the marital bed is just another nail in the coffin. Remember the saying, "never go to bed mad" and "always kiss me goodnight"? I think that sometimes sleeping on things can make it better the next day, but sleeping separately is a sign that you're not trying to resolve the issue, but escape it. Again, just my two cents from someone who's been there and done that and going through a divorce.