How Much Does a Commercial Cost During the Big Game?

Cha-Ching baby!

January 12, 2018

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We are just a few weeks away from Super Bowl LII that is set to take place in Minneapolis on February 4th. We know a lot about the upcoming game like who's going to perform and special events and activities that will take place before and after the game. But we still don't know what two teams will be facing off to be the next Super Bowl Champions. 

There are only 8 teams left vying for the two slots for the BIG game: 

1. The New Orleans Saints

2. The New England Patriots

3. The Minnesota Vikings

4. The Pittsburgh Steelers

5. The Atlanta Falcons

6. The Philadelphia Eagles

7. The Jacksonville Jaguars

8. The Tennessee Titans

Do you have any favorites you'd like to see in the game on the 4th? I sure hope the Patriots don't make it to the Super Bowl again. 

I think we can all agree that no matter what teams play that Sunday, it will be a must watch game. Even if you hate the teams, it's a good excuse to get together with friends and eat all the chicken wings and drink way too much beer! Plus the entertainment is going to be incredible with Pink opening the game up singing the National Anthem and Justin Timberlake performing during the Pepsi Halftime show

Plus commercials that air during this year's game on NBC will cost advertisers $5 million for a 30-second commercial. Wow! Dan Lovinger, executive vice president of advertising sales for NBC Sports, said on a conference call Thursday that the network expects to take in $500 million in ad revenue on Super Bowl Sunday, about the same as last year’s event.

Commercials are almost sold out too. Lovinger reports that there are less than 10 spots open and that was as of yesterday. 

Last year over 111 million people watched the game. I wonder if all the protests and NFL boycotts from fans will have an impact on viewership this year?