How Much Money Do We Waste Forgetting to Return Unwanted Clothes?

It's a lot!

August 8, 2019

Ever buy something and just forget to return it to the store? My husband bought me shoes online for Christmas. I thought we ordered the right size, but they were way too small. Fast forward to yesterday when I found the shoes in the box with the return label inside. I completely forgot to return them to and I am pretty sure there's no way they will take them back now. Ugh!

Some people just forget to return something because it goes into the depths of their closet and gets lost. Other people have some weird issue with taking things back to stores because it makes them feel awkward. I get it though. Some stores have some really crappy return policies. I am looking at you Forever 21! But then there are retailers like Nordstrom that have one of the best and most customer friendly return policies out there. Still, we just some how let it slip our minds and we end up wasting a ton of money. 

Cosmopolitan found that the average millennial keeps up to three items that cost $40. That totals about $120 per year. If you do the math, it all adds up to be about $4.8 Billion dollars a year that we waste by not returning clothing to the store. 

With online shopping I think it's much easier to just order something and not 100% be sure if it will look like the photo or fit the way it claims. I know I have ordered some items from some weird sites from China and well, the clothing is made to fit a Barbie Doll, I swear. Needless to say, those items just never went back because it was too much of a pain in the butt. 

My rule of thumb for online shopping and buying clothes is this, if I know the brand well and my sizing I will do an online purchase. If not, well I will try and go to the actual store and try on the items. Plus, that way I can also see the quality of the item. There are a lot of photos that make something look a lot nicer than it actually is in reality. 

And something interesting I learned today, some people just buy clothes to take a photo on Instagram and return them. Sorry, but this seems like way too much work for a pic.