How Much Time Do We Spend Dreaming of Being on Vacation?

It's a lot more time than you think!

January 22, 2019

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We are in that time of year now where it seem like Winter will never end. The holidays have come and gone and we still have a ways to go before the warmer, Spring weather arrives.  It still surprises me that so many Americans do not use all of their vacation days and just let them go. Even if you take a long weekend, use those days and relax. 

Vacations are very important and apparently we spend a whole lot of time dreaming of being on vacation. According to a new study, we know just how much time the average person spends dreaming of their next getaway. 

Travelex conducted the study of 2000 travelers and found that we spend almost an entire year of our lives dreaming about being on vacation. We spend 113 hours every year thinking about beaches, the mountains, and other faraway destinations. 

If you do the math that adds up to about 284 days of our lives. That number has only grown because of social media. I bet if you scroll through Instagram or Facebook at any given time, you will find at least one person you are friends with or follow sharing pictures of their latest trip. Seeing these photos can cause travel lust and make people jealous of others. 

But we all need to remember that what we see on social media isn't always reality. According to the study, "36% of Americans admit they put on a show for social media so their friends know their lives are great."

Where are you heading this Summer for vacation?