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How Much Time Do We Spend On the Toilet Each Week?

February 22, 2019

The results of this study may surprise you!

Now obviously, if you have some sort of tummy troubles you are probably spending more time on the pot than the average Jane or Joe. I don't like to dilly dally in the bathroom. I get in and get my business done and move on with my day! I don't take the newspaper, a magazine, or a book in with me. Frankly, I don't find the toilet comfy for long-term sitting. 

The study found that people spend an average of 3 hours and 9 minutes on the toilet per week. If you do that math, it's about 27 minutes a day! But why is this potty poll trending today? Because people are spending more time sitting on the toilet than working out. 

On average people spend 90 minutes a week being active and that's 9 minutes less than toilet time. 

I wonder if the average time of the throne has increased with all the people that bring their phones into the bathroom with them? I wonder how much bathroom time accounts for lack of productivity in the workplace. Some people make taking a trip to the loo a big production!