How Much of the Workday is Spent Slacking Off?

If you're on Facebook now, you're slacking off.

December 14, 2018

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Anyone riding the struggle bus hard today? The Holiday season is almost here and maybe you are doing some online shopping instead of working. Or maybe the rain has you feeling blah, so you just aren't on your A game. 

There's a new study out about how much time people spend slacking off at work and if you're in management this may make you watch your people more. I am lucky because I pretty much work independently at work. My boss doesn't bother me unless he needs to tell me something important. I spend my day browsing the internet for inspiration for blogs for the website, scrolling and posting on social media, and talking on the radio and listening to music. By some standards, people may say that my job sounds like a day full of slacking off. 

So how much time is the average worker slacking during their workday? According to research from staffing firm Accountemps, employees report being disengaged from their work 26% of the day. That means they spend more than a quarter of their day doing something other than work. Most of our time slacking is spent taking bathroom breaks, socializing, and going on social media. 

How could employers help their employees become more engaged at work? 

1. Workplace perks: Free food, nap rooms, an onsite gym, etc.

2. More challenging work. 

3. Less red tape.

4. Lighter workload. Hmmm, if you're slacking on your current workload wouldn't a lighter load mean you would have more time to do other things than work?

5. Team Building/Work Outings

I think work outings and team building exercises are a great way to get people more excited about their jobs. It builds comradery and makes you feel more like a part of a team.