How to Prep Your Pets For Irma

September 7, 2017

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The time to prepare for Hurricane Irma is now. You can keep up with the latest track of Irma from our sister station, WBT, here

The latest models show that Irma will graze the tip of Florida and continue to head north along the coast with a final landfall in and around Savannah! This means here in the Charlotte area we will see tropical storm force winds and heavy rain. 

Besides getting your water, batteries, and canned food together you also need to plan for your pets. Here are some things to do ahead of the bad weather moving in.

1. Microchip your pets and make sure their tags have your contact information on them. 

2. Know your pets hiding place in the home so you can find them quickly if you need to evacuate.

3. Have carriers and leashes ready to go should you need to leave.

4. Bring outdoor pets inside.

5. Get enough food and supplies for your pets for 5 days should you not be able to leave or if stores are closed. 

The Humane Society of Charlotte also has some more tips to keep your pet prepared and safe during Irma.