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How to Protect Your Pet During the Eclipse

August 18, 2017

You cannot avoid it. With just three days until the Solar Eclipse, everyone is talking about it and preparing for it. 

Whether it's planning to attend an eclipse party or just trying to find some eclipse glasses, people are getting ready. Multiple sources are saying that during the eclipse from 1:13 pm to 4:04 pm that traffic could be a real issue. If you've driven on the highway, you may see the electronic signs warning drivers about Monday's possible issues. 

There's something you may not even be thinking about when it comes to preparing for the eclipse, and that's your pet's safety. 

If you have a dog and have them outside during the eclipse, you should just make sure they aren't looking directly at the sun. The good news is that cats and dogs do not inherently look directly at the sun! 

But there are other ways your pets may be impacted. "Inside of the total eclipse path (or near it where more than 95 percent of the sun gets obscured), the sky darkens significantly and the ambient temperature can drop 10 degrees Fahrenheit, or so," said Edward Guinan, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Villanova University. "So animals and pets could easily sense this." 

The other concern is that people get excited when viewing the eclipse and sometimes scream and get excited. This obviously could spook your pets.