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How Sexually Satisfied Are U.S. Women?

A new study lists the countries where women are most satisfied!

July 21, 2017

Sexual satisfaction for women is not created equal. In fact, some women in some countries are pretty unhappy, while other countries women are over the moon satisfied.

How did the good, old United States rate on the satisfaction meter? 

Well, we weren't number one. The study conducted by Victoria Milan, a shifty dating site for people in relationships, found that women in Denmark are the most satisfied. The study was based on how long a session lasted for women. In Denmark, women experienced 44 minutes of pleasure. 

As for the United States, well we ranked #2 on the list and our pleasure sessions on average last 41 minutes. This is pretty encouraging considering so many men seem like they are all about getting their's and doing what benefits them. 

Where are women the least satisfied also known as places you probably never, ever want to move? South Africa is the least satisfied and only get 15 minutes of pleasure. 

You can see what other countries made the good list and the bad list here.