Is November 1st Too Soon to Decorate For Christmas?

Asking for a friend...

October 7, 2019
family enjoying their holiday time together, decorating Christmas tree

I can't believe we are already into October. Once Halloween comes and goes, we will be in full holiday mode making plans for Thanksgiving, doing holiday shopping, and maybe even decking the halls...

What do you think is too soon to decorate for Christmas? 

When exactly is it appropriate to begin embracing the festive spirit? Forty-three percent of Americans think it’s suitable to put up holiday decorations before Nov. 1, according to new research.

The poll of 2,000 Americans discovered people start their holiday preparations early in the year. In fact, over half (57 percent) of those studied revealed they start their holiday shopping before November 1.

And eight in 10 begin preparing for the holidays well before the autumn leaves begin to change – between January and August.

A study commissioned by Minted examined the holiday spirit and holiday habits of 2,000 Americans, and uncovered that three in 10 have no problem seeing holiday decorations displayed in stores before Halloween or Thanksgiving.

With the festive spirit in full-swing no matter the time of year, the holiday season requires extensive logistical planning. It just so happens that 83 percent of those surveyed have a holiday to-do list, and over half (55 percent) admitted to starting their list before October.

When it comes to procrastination, 21 percent of male respondents wait until December to start their holiday planning, compared to only 14 percent of women.

But what exactly do Americans have on their holiday agenda? When is comes to the number one holiday essential, decorating the home topped the checklist – with 61 percent of those surveyed revealing holiday decorations as a must-do.

However, that wasn’t the only requirement on the docket. Fifty-nine percent listed gift research and shopping while a further 52 percent need to plan out all the baking and cooking that comes with the festive season.

When it comes to purchasing gifts for people, more men than women are getting gifts for their boss and co-workers.

Forty-three percent of men usually purchase a present for their co-workers compared to just 31 percent of women, and 31 percent of men usually get something for the boss as well.

When do you start your holiday shopping? 

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