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How To Tell Who Stalks You On Facebook

April 4, 2017

Social media is an incredible thing. It makes it so much easier for us all to keep in touch with family and friends that live far away. But with the good comes the bad. 

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have given people a chance to overshare ever detail of their lives. It's as of many people assume they have their own reality TV show and they share every moment of their lives like what they're eating, where they are going, etc. This could be dangerous if we aren't careful about how we have our privacy settings. 

The term Facebook stalking isn't anything new. It's been around pretty much since the social media site started some ten years ago. If someone's profile is public that gives anyone access to all their photos, videos, status updates, and location check-ins. And with Facebook's latest update one feature makes it even easier for people to stalk you. Have you ever been curious about who may be visiting your FB profile? Unfortunately, there's no way to do that as Facebook said they'd never offer that feature. 

But if you've already received the latest Facebook APP update you may have noticed the new stories feature. This allows users to record quick video clips much like people do on Snapchat or Instagram. You can actually find out who's viewed your facebook stories to see who is and isn't watching you. 

If you haven't used the new stories feature, check out this quick crash course