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If You Want to Look Younger Stop Doing This in Pics

May 11, 2017

It's my goal to never really look my age. I am 38, but most people think I am much younger. I guess having a chubby, round face does have its benefits after all.

There's something super simple you can do if you want to look younger in your photos and it may shock you. I know when I read the findings of the new study that came out of Canada I had to do a double take. Also, I am pretty sure that it was just last year or the year before that doing the opposite of what this new study says made you look younger. 

Ugh!! So what's the big secret to not looking older? Stop smiling in photos... yes, you can read that again! 

As for how much younger you will look, well, it's just a year. So in the grand scheme of things a year isn't going to make all the difference. I know I can't tell the difference between me at 37 and 38. 

I guess I should be proud of my mad resting b+&ch face skills.