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It Really Pays to Fly Delta

April 17, 2017

United Airline's brand continues to be drug through the mud after last weekend's incident aboard a plane headed for Louisville. The flight was overbooked and the airline needed to fly some of its crew, but no passengers were offering up their seats. The airline decided to randomly choose passengers to bump, and that's when a man ended up being drug off the flight after refusing to give up his seat. 

Getting bumped off a flight isn't always the worst thing. If you don't have to be somewhere by an exact time sometimes, it's better to take the cash and free airfare and run. If you're flying Delta Airlines and they are looking for people to give up their seats, I urge you to volunteer and do it fast. 

In the wake of the United incident, Delta is upping the ante for those passengers getting bumped from a flight. According to an internal memo, the airline is allowing gate agents to offer up to $2k in compensation if they get bumped from a flight. That's up from the $800 they used to offer. But there's even better news! If a supervisor is bumping you, they can provide you up to $9950 up from $1350!

So the next time I fly, I will be booking with Delta and pray they overbook my flight and there's an opportunity to get bumped. I'd be happy getting $2k! I'd be thrilled to collect $10k! 

Oh and in case you didn't hear the news, United had another passenger issue where they bumped a couple on their way to their wedding off a flight.