Jessica Simpson Attacked For Posting Daughter's Bathing Suit Pic

Seriously, people need to calm down!

June 8, 2017

Just a few days ago some people were ripping David Beckham apart for a photo he shared on social media of he and his daughter, Harper, sharing a kiss on the lips. Some people called him perverted and said it wasn't appropriate. Celebrities are constantly barraged for the way they parent or the things they do. And today a new celebrity is under attack by the know-it-all internet trolls. 

Jessica Simpson, the former pop star turned fashion mogul, is being accused of "sexualizing a minor" because of a photo she shared of her daughter, Maxwell. What's so terrible about the photos? The little girl was posing in her bikini!!!

Safety first -- #MAXIDREW

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Since when is a child in a freakin' bathing suit inappropriate or considered sexualizing a minor? 

All these people trying to parent other's children or tell people how to be a good parent on the internet, just need to stop NOW! People need to get a life and worry about what's happening in their own lives.