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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Starbucks Unicorn Drink

April 21, 2017

The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino has been out for just over 48-hours. I feel like everyone has tried one with all the photos and videos that have been popping up all over social media the last two days. 

From what I have personally seen, it seems the majority of people aren't fans of the colorful drink. People describe is as "tasting like puke", "a birthday cake for a party no one wanted to come to", and "shame". Even celebrities are getting in on the Unicorn Frappuccino taste test trend. Katy Perry is kind of like a unicorn. She's colorful and magical. But what did she think of Starbucks newest concoction?

I love her, I have no words -- @katyperry #katyperry #katycats #KP4 #keiry --

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And Jimmy Kimmel decided to create Starbucks next crazy drink on his show after making fun of the drink he says "looks like a wind breaker from the 80's." I mean, he's right it does! 

Jimmy's drink creation definitely sounds better than the Unicorn drink!

And if you have yet to feast your taste buds on the drink that I think tastes like milky sweet tarts, you may have a problem finding one. Since the drink was so popular, many Starbucks are sold out of them because they didn't have enough of the gross ingredients for the demand.