Jon Gosselin Is Taking It All Off For New Job

March 27, 2017

I feel like every six to nine months we hear from former reality TV star Jon Gosselin. He was the famous dad in the Jon & Kate Plus 8 series that used to air on TLC. But in 2009 Jon and Kate decided to get a divorce, and he left the reality show and the spotlight. Kate Gosselin can still be seen on TLC is the revamped series called Kate Plus 8. Their separation and divorce became pretty nasty with both parties making claims about the other person's parenting skills. 

Since Jon stepped away from the reality TV spotlight, he has faced many financial challenges. But that may be all behind him now because he just landed himself a new gig. 

He made the big announcement via his twitter account over the weekend that he has accepted a gig as a stripper at a NJ strip club. But notice the date on the photo is April 1st. That's April Fool's Day! Hmmmm, so is Jon Gosselin really going to take it all off or is the joke on all of us?

Honestly, you couldn't pay me to go watch him strip. He's gross. And Kate, his ex, may be one of the most annoying human beings on the planet.