Justin Bieber Hints That Wedding Is Soon

What's the rush Justin and Hailey?

July 30, 2018

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I guess nothing moves slowly for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Justin proposed to Baldwin after the two were dating for only a few weeks. It took many people by surprise.

Since their engagement, it seems the couple has been in wedding planning mode. Hailey picked out her bridesmaids pretty much right after they announced their engagement. Hailey's aunt, Kim Basinger, gave the details on the bridal party. "Alaia and Ireland, they’re in the wedding." Alaia is Baldwin's 25-year-old sister, and Ireland is her cousin and Basinger's 22-year-old daughter with Alec Baldwin.

Now it seems to make sense why the bridal party was picked so quickly because it appears Justin and Hailey will be getting married very, very soon. Justin just released a new song with DJ Khalid called "No Brainer" and when asked yesterday about when he may release more new music, he basically said getting married is the next thing on  his list before more new music.

I wonder why these two are in such a rush to get to the alter?