Kanye West Changes His Name & Dresses Like Water Bottle on 'SNL'

October 1, 2018

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Kanye West has been trending all weekend and into today after some of the tricks he pulled over the weekend. 

First of all, don't call him Kanye anymore because he has officially changed his name. He took to his twitter account the big announcement on Saturday.

He isn't the first musician to change their name. People like Prince, Puff Daddy (not even sure what he goes by these days), and Snoop Doggy Dog have made name changes in the past. Besides a name change, Ye also put on quite a performance during the season debut of NBC's Saturday Night Live this weekend.  

Ye dressed up as a bottle of Perrier Water as a way to reference his lyrics: "When the first time they ask you if you want sparklin’ or still? Why you tryna act like you was drinkin’ sparklin’ water ‘fore you came out here?"

Fans were not impressed at all and expressed their disdain for the performance on Twitter. 

Ouch! That was a brutal comment. Whatever Ye is up to I don't understand. Maybe he's just trying to be over the top to get more publicity. If that's his angle, clearly it's working.