Kate Middleton & Prince William Expecting Baby #4?

Is this royal rumor true?

June 28, 2018

© Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

One thing we've learned over the last few years is that Kate Middleton is a machine when it comes to having babies. She goes into the hospital to deliver a baby and emerges hours later in full hair and makeup for a photo op before taking the newest Royal edition home. 

Catherine, Princess of Cambridge and Prince William welcomed their 3rd child, Prince Louis, on April 23rd. If you do the math, that was just over two months ago. She looked amazing as usual when she appeared just seven hours after giving birth on the steps of St. Mary's Hospital. 

Louis hasn't even been Christened yet and it's already rumored that Kate and William are pregnant again! There's no official announcement from the Royal family as of yet, but Life & Style claims they are telling close friends and family they are pregnant again. They have spaced out the birth of their children by about 2 or more years with their first child, Prince George, born in July of 2013. Their second baby, Princess Charlotte, was born in May of 2015 and Louis was born this past April. 

Apparently, the couple wants to have two boys and two girls, but would not be opposed to having five children. 

Could Kate really be pregnant already? As a normal person that works full time and also goes to school full time for my Master's degree, I would not want to have another child so close to the last one. I am sure it's hard handling a two-month-old baby and two other children. But she's a Royal and I would imagine they have plenty of nurses and nannies to help Kate with the many duties of motherhood!