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Katy Perry's Victoria's Secret Show Performance Not Happening?

It seems she's been banned from China!

November 17, 2017

There's travel trouble for Katy Perry. She was set to head to China to perform for the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that tapes Monday. But the singer has been banned from China indefinitely. 

She was given a VISA to enter the country just to perform, but it has since been revoked. Apparently, China is really strict about who they let into their country to perform. They have a group of people that go through all of their social media accounts to make sure they aren't doing anything China considers inappropriate. 

It seems Katy ticked them off back in 2015 during a show in Taiwan. 

Also, many of the models for this year's show have been banned as well. Perhaps this is poor planning on the part of Victoria's Secret?

But don't worry the show will go on minus Katy Perry and some of the models. Harry Styles has agreed to do the show and as of now has not been banned from the country!