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Kim Kardashian's Video Shuts Down Cocaine Rumor

What were the two white lines on the table behind her?

July 12, 2017

Kim Kardashian was all over the news yesterday and even this morning for one of her Snap Chat photos that went viral. 

The photo showed the reality TV star using the Snap Chat flower crown filter, but it was what was spotted in the background that had everyone talking. 

You can see the snap in question below. 

After being called out, Kim claimed it was sugar from a recent trip the Dylan's candy Bar, a ginat candy store. I mean come on. Really? Sugar in perfect lines on a counter top seems a bit far fetched. 

Late last night Kim shared a video on Twitter to clear up the cocaine rumors. And the white lines, well they weren't sugar after all.

I saw a few people suggest it may be the veining in a marble top and they were right.