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Lace Shorts For Men Are Here

I wish I was kidding!

June 1, 2017

What is with all the crazy fashion trends that have been coming out over the last few months? I feel like I've said this about ten times in the past two months or so, but the fashion industry is just trying to make us all look like idiots.

There have been some new fashion trends that just baffle my brain like clear jeans, detachable jeans, and of course, rompers for men. It's as if the fashion industry is just getting together to see how ridiculous they can make the masses look. 

The latest fashion item that's now out for men is lace shorts. 

#LaceyShorts for men are here. Would you wear these gentlemen? Ladies would you like to see your boyfriend or husband rock one of these? #malefashion Made by @hologramcityla for @cazwellnyc video

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Not only are they pastel, but they are also see through. Who in their right mind would wear these fugly shorts? Why?!?!?