LaCroix Lovers Can Rock a LaCroix Swimsuit this Summer

Add this to the odd fashion trends for 2018!

May 16, 2018

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After this past weekend, I think most of us have broken out our bathing suits. It went from being normal Spring weather to blazing hot in a matter of days. Thankfully, things have cooled down to normal temperatures for this time of year. 

The whole process of shopping for a bathing suit can be super stressful. Someone needs to create a retail concept called something like the SwimSuit Bar. Inside, customers will have a variety of swimsuits for all shapes and sizes to try on and during the traumatic experience, you can indulge in an adult beverage or three. Wouldn't that make bathing suit shopping easier?

There have been some interesting swimsuits that have come out over the last few years. Remember this one?

And there was this gem from last year. It's the Shocked Trump bathing suit.

If you're a fan of the Royal family and this year's Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle you can rock this on the beach, lake, pr at the pool this Summer!

And now the latest, the LaCroix swimsuit line that is for both men and women.