Lady Gaga Shares Sad Story Behind 'A Star in Born' Final Scene

Grab your tissues!

October 10, 2018

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Have you seen A Star is Born yet? It's on my list of must-see movies, but I am afraid because I heard that the ending is super sad. I have had multiple friends tell me that this movie made them ugly cry even after leaving the theater. 

Lady Gaga's performance is incredible especially when she does the emotional final scene. But now we know there's another reason to get misty-eyed during the end of the movie. Gaga was going through something when the movie was wrapping up. Check out the story below.

The good news is they do not spoil the end of the movie!


I cannot even listen to the previews of the songs from the soundtrack on iTunes without crying. Maybe it's pregnancy hormones or it could be that part of the storyline is something I can very much relate to in my own life...

What did you think of A Star is Born?