'Lawn Mower Parenting' New Scary Parenting Trend

What is it?

September 19, 2018

© Maxim Blinkov | Dreamstime.com

As someone who will be a parent in just about six months, some of these new parenting trends scare me. Last year, everyone was talking about the dangers of helicopter parenting. This is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child's or children's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. These parents take too much responsibility for their kid's success or failures. 

This parenting technique can inhibit kids from gaining their own coping skills which could be problematic later in life. But helicopter parents need to move over because there's a new parenting trend that everyone is talking about, lawn mower parenting. It is said that this one is even worse than the other! Eek.

What so bad about lawn mower parents? They go to whatever lengths necessary to prevent their child from having to face adversity, struggle, or failure. But see life isn't all rainbows and teddy bears. We all face adversity and struggle, it's part of growing and living. “When parents deprive their children of opportunities to practice these skills, their parenting is actually detrimental to their kids. In fact, what they are communicating is: ‘I do not think you are capable of handling this on your own.’ ”