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Little Girl Goes Unconventional with Santa Request

November 28, 2017

What's the oddest thing you or your child has ever asked Santa to bring for Christmas

I was a spoiled little princess so I can only imagine the insane, over-the-top requests I had for that Jolly man. I think one year I asked for a horse which seems practical when you live in a small two-bedroom apartment in Miami. I also once asked him to never bring me any brothers or sisters or cousins on my Mother's side. Yup, I was that spoiled kid. 

One little girl from Texas has gone viral because when she had the chance to ask Santa for anything, she kept it really simple. She didn't ask for a Barbie Dream House, Hatchimal, or whatever other toys are the most wanted this year.

Most kids never want to take a nap, but after a long day of shopping that's all that little Linden Mae Bartell wanted. And can you blame her? Shopping can be very exhausting. Now excuse me while I go write a letter to Santa asking for a nap!