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Local Target Worker's Doll Comment To Child Goes Viral

April 5, 2017

The goal of a mother and young daughters trip to a Charlotte area Target was to buy the little girl a toy to celebrate being potty trained. But their visit and the mom's post about what happened has quickly become viral. 

We've all encountered really bad customer service. Now I wouldn't call this bad customer service per say, but the cashier's comments were definitely out of line. 

Two-year-old Sophia of Clover, South Carolina made the trip with her mother last week to a local target to pick out a new doll for using her potty for the last month. She picked out a doctor doll and she and her mother, Brandi Brenner, took it to the checkout. What happened next is why this simple outing became viral on social media. 

Brenner shared her less than great experience with an very opinionated cashier on Instagram and Facebook

What a smart little girl. Of course, there are some people questioning if this incident actually happened or if it was just made up. The post on Facebook currently has nearly 250,000 shares and over 38-thousand comments too. And as you can imagine the comments on the original post are pretty crazy too with people offering up hpw they would have handled the situation. I think the mother did the right thing letting Sophia defend her choice. Sometimes you have to choose your battles and the little girl's response was far more effective than anything the mother could have said, in my opinion.