Majority of Americans Can't Change a Tire

Are you schooled in car care?

June 14, 2018

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Are you part of the majority of people in America that cannot even change a tire on their car? I am! 

Honestly, I don't know squat about my car. If my tire were to go flat I would just call roadside assistance! My car wouldn't start last Fall at a gas station and I called roadside assistance and they jumped my car. 

According to a new study, Americans don't know much about car care in general and this goes way beyond being able to change a tire. "It found that out of 2,000 American car owners as many as a quarter feel they take a risk each time they hit the road as their vehicle is currently in need of repair or no longer runs well." Well, that's a scary finding! 

The research was done by Cooper Tire found that 68% of people are driving around with at least one thing wrong with their car. Also more than half of Americans wouldn't know how to change the oil in the car or even pick out the correct oil in a store. I don't know how to change my oil, but I am fairly confident I could choose the right oil in a store. Isn't that what google is for? 

Plus, why would I change my own oil when I can take it to the dealership and pay someone else to get dirty and do the job? And they check the car's overall health while it's in the shop too!

Here's the most insane finding from the study... Are you ready for this?!? 

41% of Americans could not identify a car's engine when looking at a photo of what's under the hood!! Wow!!! #MindBlown

If you have an older car or your roadside assistance coverage has run out, you can always get a AAA membership.