Majority of Americans Would Give Up Air Conditioning for The Internet

Which would you rather?

August 13, 2019

This study just proves how internet addicted we are. 

Sure, I hate having no wifi! I even get really angry when the wifi is slow, but would I rather have the internet or AC? Today that choice would be air conditioning because it's going to be around 96 for a high with a real feel temp of 105! Googling random stuff and posting on Instagram can wait until it cools down. I hate being hot. 

According to a new study, the majority of Americans would rather have internet over AC!

The survey of 2,000 Americans, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Roku, found that internet was a vacation rental must-have for nearly three in four people, above even air conditioning (61 percent) and laundry (53 percent).

Almost half of respondents (49 percent) said that no internet access would qualify as a vacation disaster ‒ just think, no streaming TV, music or movies.

Lost luggage (54 percent), food poisoning (47 percent), consistent bad weather (47 percent) and a lost credit card (44 percent) also all constituted a vacay gone-wrong.

When respondents were given the choice between having Netflix or caffeine on a trip, two in five Americans said binge-watching takes the top spot over their morning cup of joe.

Access to the television is clearly important for people, especially the little ones. On average, kids will ask if they can watch TV within 31 minutes of arriving to a new location.

Four in 10 parents admitted that their kids wouldn’t even make it past the 15-minute mark before asking mom or dad to turn on the television.

But adults are just as impatient on vacation as kids, especially when it comes to that all-important internet access.

Connectivity is very important to adults while on vacation. It will take an average of 27 minutes before someone asks for the Wi-Fi password, with 42 percent start asking around within the first 15 minutes of arrival.

While there were many things that could make a trip go awry, it’s the heart-warming little things that made respondents’ list of vacation’s simple pleasures.

Fifty-six percent love nothing more than a nice dinner out while other favorite activities included exploring the town (55 percent) and bonding over a TV or a movie with friends or family (46 percent).

1. Lost luggage                               54%
2. No internet access                      49%
3. Food poisoning                           47%
4. Consistent bad weather              47%
5. Lost credit card                            44%
6. Bad/unsafe location                     43%
7. Lost passport/I.D.                         40%
8. Got sick (sore throat, etc.)            40%
9. Air conditioner breakage               38%
10. Plumbing breakage                     38%