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Man Goes Crazy Playing 'Price Is Right' Plinko

May 26, 2017

Here's a little fun fact about me. It's on my bucket list to go be a contestant on The Price is Right. It would be even better if I was given the chance to play Plinko! I've watched that game show since I was a little girl. In fact, one of the four TVs in my studio plays the game shoe every single day. 

I can't help but get jealous every time I see someone get to play Plinko. I was out sick yesterday so I totally missed the guy who played Plinko and one big yesterday! 

The contestant, Ryan, was excited enough to get on stage to stand next to host Drew Carey. His excitement only grew when he learned he'd play Plinko. Not only did he get to play Plink, but he also broke the record for the most money ever won playing the game!

He won a total of $31500! Wow!!!