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Man Has Been In Best Buy Black Friday Line For A Week

What in the World could he want that bad?

November 13, 2017

We are just over a week away from Black Friday because it begins Thursday for many retail locations. 

The Black Friday deals are rolling out already so shoppers can prepare a plan of attack well ahead of the store's opening. Some retailers are even offering the deals early online to entice consumers to start their shopping earlier. Have you started your shopping yet? 

Best Buy is always known for having some insane doorbuster deals during their Black Friday sale and one man is bound and determined to get them first. He's so determined that he got into line 15 days early. So if you do the math, he's been in line since last Tuesday or Wednesday! 

There is one lone tent outside of the Lorado, Texas Best Buy where the man comes out extra early every single year. "The man says he’s been coming up to wait in line for six years now and he’s usually the first or second person in line." Does he have a job or other responsibilities? How does he use the restroom when the store is closed? How does he shower? 

I have so many questions as do the local Laredo reporters, but the man is camera shy. Ugh! Once the store opens he will have been camped out for 17 days! I sure hope he gets everything on his list.