Must See: Man Uses Cow to Propose to Girlfriend

What the what?

August 31, 2018

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There have been some very unique wedding proposals in the age of social media. No longer are we getting a call that our friends or family are engaged, instead we are seeing the whole thing unfold on Facebook Live and other platforms. 

Proposals used to be a lot more simple, but people want to out do one another and one up the other so proposals have gotten very elaborate. 

A farmer's recent proposal to his girlfriend has gone viral because it's something very unique. In farmer fashion, he used a farm animal to assist him in popping the question. Chris Gospel, 30, explained to BBC Scotland why he enlisted bovine help: "Curlytop is Eilidh's favorite cow."

He spray painted the question on the side of the cow. 

She said yes! I wonder if the man is being torn apart by animal rights people for spray painting the cow? Couldn't he have just created a sign and hung it on the cow instead?