Man's At Work Farting Video Goes Viral & Gets Him Fired


August 24, 2018

© Ognyan Chobanov |

Becoming a viral video sensation comes with a price, at least for a security guard that made videos over 6 months of him farting at work. 

What would prompt someone to document passing gas at work and share it with the World via Youtube and social media? I guess maybe the quest for your 15 seconds of fame! The former security guard who goes by the nickname "Paul Flart" a play on the movie character Paul Blart Mall Cop video was seen over 700,000 times. Pretty impressive right? Apparently his employer didn't think so because he's now jobless. 

The man's goal was to get even more views and create "Paul Flart" merchandise and sell it. 

His employer was not happy with the way he was using company time and they terminated him. He shared the news on his Youtube Channel yesterday. 

This is just another lesson to be learned. You really need to think before you post something online because it could come back to bite you in the backside even years later!