Mariah Carey to Make Good on Last Year's NYE Performance

December 26, 2017

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You may not remember much of New Year's Eve last year, but you probably have some recollection of Mariah Carey's horrific Times Square performance. Carey claimed there was some issue with her headset and that's why her performance went so wrong. 

If you need a reminder of how bad it was and her mini-meltdown, well we have the video for you!

Eek! I know when it's cold outside or in live settings like Time Square on New Year's Eve many performers will lipsynch because it's just easier for them. Mariah was mortified and even called out ABC for her live fail. People were not kind on social media after seeing her performance and after the video went viral. 

All Mariah wanted for Christmas this year was a chance to redeem herself and she's going to get it! ABC shared the news via Twitter.

Here's hoping all the technical issues are resolved and her performance goes off without a hitch or meltdown on live TV! I think more people will be tuning in to Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve now to see if she can pull it off or not.